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Simulating DDOS Attack in SDN Network Using POX Controller and Mininet Emulator

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is one of the most dangerous threats on the internet for the last decade. After the emerging of Software Defined Networking (SDN), our way of looking at the networks has been changed as well as attackers. Unlike traditional networks, DDoS attackers attack the SDN network by sending a large number of new spoofed packets to the OpenFlow switch to fill up the SDN controller with a big amount of unprocessed packets to take the controller down. By making the controller idles for a while or unavailable to the legitimate users, the whole network will completely fail and this is the main target for the attacker. The controller used in this simulation is the POX controller which is the most used controller in the academia. The tool that facilitates using this controller in SDN environment is the Mininet emulator. The main objective of this paper is to simulate DDoS attack in SDN in terms of the number of packets and time of generating. Thus, this paper gives a chance to developers to tackle the problems of this attack by concentrating only on the packets numbers either it high or low and the time each packet takes to reach its destination. Index Terms - DDoS attack, Mininet, POX controller, SDN.