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The Influence Of Information Technology Utilization And Accounting Information System Application On Individual Performance At Pt. Bank Aceh Sharia In Banda Aceh, Indonesia

This study aims to examine the influence of information technology utilization and the accounting information system applicationon on individual performance at PT Bank Aceh Sharia in Banda Ace, Indonesia. The population in this study are individuals or employees who work and use the information technology and accounting information system at PT Bank Aceh Sharia in Banda Aceh. The Data and information in this research is collected through field research and obtained directly from respondents by distributing questionnaires. The influence of independent variable on the dependent variable is analysed by using multiple linear regression model. The results of this study indicates that the use of information technology and the application of accounting information systems both partially and simultaneously affect the individual performance of PT Bank Aceh Sharia in Banda Aceh. Keyword - IT Utilization, AIS Application, Individual Performance, Aceh Sharia Bank