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Challenge the Status Quo by Breaking the Glass Ceiling : Exploring the Role of Gender Stereotypes and Global Feminism on Women Leadership Development

This paper is anticipated to examine the role of global feminism and gender stereotype behavior on women's leadership development. Moreover, the present research is accentuating to shed light on how global feminism and gender stereotypes have affected the female employees work life, especially leaders. This study is aimed to analyze the current status of women's leadership development, and to investigate how to improve it in future. Women have always been an unsung hero of the society and stereotyping hinders women's career progression over the globe. Mention the followings: Research design, research approach, and research strategy. The study selected 15 female leaders from various sectors, I.E, (education, media, medical, and NGOs) from Islamabad. The present study followed the inductive research approach through semi-structure interviews. Nvivo 12 plus software is used for detailed analysis of coding and word tree diagrams. The study divulges that leadership does not confine in the cage of gender stereotyping. The study shows that it is right time to remove such barriers from the society giving everyone equal opportunity to lead and achieve outstanding organizational performance. The study has significant implications towards mainstreaming women leaders in every walk of life. This research will enhance the digging of knowledge, skills and wisdom in women generally and of Pakistani women specifically. Index Terms - Global Feminism, Women Leadership development, Gender Stereotypes, women's career, Leadership