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Development of Effective Knowledge Management Processes in the context of Saudi Arabian Public Construction Projects: Client Perspective

Saudi Arabia’s construction industry has seen a construction boom due to huge changes in investment in the infrastructure. However, Most of the construction projects, which belong to the public sector, are facing a serious issue of lengthy delays. Based on literature review one of the major factors that contribute to frequent delays in construction project in KSA is the absence of effective knowledge management strategy in the public construction organization. This factor makes this serious issue of time and cost overrun exacerbated. The Saudi Arabian public sector does not appropriately have a specific strategy of knowledge transfer and as a consequence new knowledge and understanding of construction issues are not been effectively utilized. Hence, This Study proposed integrated processes of KT to be effectively implemented and used by the client entities in the Saudi Arabian public construction projects in order to acquire relevant knowledge from those other parties involved.These processes proposed are as a complement to various theoretical processes of KT incorporated in different models existed in the literature. The study conducted two rounds of data acquisition using Delphi method as the main research methodology to allow the researcher to firstly investigate the special case of KM in the Saudi Arabian public construction projects,to examine the possibility of implementing KT practices and to find out the client needs. Then, to reconsider the function of the KM processes proposed and to find effective solutions to minims the issues faced. Twelve construction project managers involved in public projects have been approached and the first round data acquisition has been conducted using semi-structured interviews. The analysis of the responses have revealed various cultural and organizational factors that have significant influence on the KT practices between the client and the other parties involved. The study also provides ideas proposed to minimize these barriers. Keywords - Client Party, Construction Projects, Knowledge Transfer Practices, Knowledge Management Processes. Abbreviations - KT: knowledge Transfer, KM: Knowledge Management