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Gender Stereotype in The Perception of Innovation

The purpose of this paper is to present gender stereotypes in the perception of innovation. It examines how the conception of innovation influence the creativity of men and women and their participation in the firms. Too often innovation is associated with technology and sciences where women are underrepresented, and men are dominant. This association results in the stereotype that male is the better innovator. The innovation in female-dominated sectors such as service sector and public sectors are barely studied and have not been regarded as an innovation. The framework of this paper is developed based on a review of current literature in gender and innovation. Based on the review it was able to analyze and conclude that while men and women are equally innovative, their gender role within the organization can affect how they behave when innovating and leads to a stereotype. This paper is believed to trigger interest in further researching on gender and innovation issues. Keywords- Innovation, Perception, Gender stereotype, Technology, Service sector