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Method of a Multimedia Transcoding for Multiple MapReduce Jobs in Cloud Computing Environment

we suggested, in the previous survey, a Hadoop MapReduce based video transcoding method in a Cloud computing environment to reduce the burden of large volumes of bulk multimedia transcoding. However, this method had issues with transcoding degradation and failure in transcoding of multimedia larger than a specific size, due to the structural limit of the design. Therefore, in order to overcome the limit of the previous system, a method of Multimedia Transcoding for Multiple MapReduce Jobs in a Cloud Computing Environment is what we have suggested. To evaluate the performance of the suggested multimedia transcoding method, CMCS (Cloud Multimedia data Conversion System), to which the previously suggested multimedia transcoding system is applied, and CMTS (Cloud Multimedia Transcoding System), to which the multimedia transcoding method (that this survey suggests) is applied, are compared in their performances. Index Terms- Cloud, Multimedia, Transcoding, Hadoop,