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Automated Detection Of Glaucoma From Retinal Images Using Image Processing Techniques

The disorders related to retina of the eye like Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) etc., can cause visual impairments. These disorders can be diagnosed by the ophthalmologists or Optometrist with the help of the Digital image processing. The retinal fundus images of the patients are procured by capturing the fundus of the eye with a digital fundus camera. The Automated method of disease detection can be used against the manual method of observing several retinal fundus images to save time. This study aims to explore the possibility of computerised diagnosis of glaucoma and to develop a novel image processing algorithm to reliably detect the presence glaucoma from a sample retinal fungus images. Some image processing algorithms to automate the diagnosis glaucoma on the eye are developed. This study curbs the human error while detecting the presence of glaucoma in the eye using image processing and automation. We achieved this goal using Image Segmentation and Morphological features descriptors. We also built the system in a robust manner so that it is unaffected by the exceptional conditions and achieved high percentage of sensitivity, specificity, positive prediction and negative prediction results. Keyword - Glaucoma, Retina, Image processing, Optometrist, Segmentation