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Advanced Nursing Training And Its Impact On Quality Of Life Of Elderly In Canada

Advanced training is essential for the professional practice of nursing and the delivery of safe and high quality care for patients in hospitals and long-term care sectors. The relations between advanced training of nurses and care workers and quality of patient care in hospitals, home care settings and residential care facilities are unclear. This study investigates the association between further training and care workers staffing (nurses, elderly carers and care assistants) on the elderly health situation and quality of patient care in Canada. Cross-sectional (single-time collected) data were drawn from Canadian National Survey of the Work and Health of Nurses (2005) for the analysis.Findingsreveal that additionaltraining of nurses, elderly carers and care assistants care has a positive association with work situation and quality of patient care as in reduction of injury, medication error, and satisfaction. Likewise, staffing level among elderly health workers has a strong relation with lower injuries, lower medication errors, and increased satisfaction.