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Nonlinear Heat Transfer Model of Two-Dimensional Biological Tissue

In this paper, under conditions of a non-linear blood perfusion rate, the hybrid differential transformation/finite difference method is used to investigate the temperature distribution and thermal damage of two-dimensional biological tissue heated with a laser. The results of the biological heat transfer analysis show that the temperature distribution of the Dula-Phase-Lag heat transfer model under different boundary conditions is consistent with the results reported in the literature. A heat transfer analysis of two-dimensional non-linear Dula-Phase-Lag biological heat transfer models from different laser sources is discussed. The results indicate that the Dula-Phase-Lag model can effectively slow down severe temperature oscillations in the heat wave model and reduce thermal damage significantly at the same time. Keywords - Dula-Phase-Lag bio-heat transfer model, Nonlinear blood perfusion rate, Hybrid differential transformation/finite difference method