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Development of a Self-Learning Kit for Students Preparing for Internships

The Education University of Hong Kong is a university specializes in training pre-service and in-service teachers in Hong Kong. A self-learning kit on personal and psychosocial development for students’ preparation of their internships was developed based on the positive education approach. Four aspects in personal development are identified which were emotional management, social relationships and communication, leadership, and self-understanding and self-esteem, according to the feedback received from internship providers, schools, teachers and students. Activities such as self-assessments, case studies, knowledge/skill enrichment exercises, reflections and mini-quizzes were included in the kit for each aspect. The development of the self-learning kit aimed at: 1. facilitating the personal and psychosocial development of students who will take part in internships, especially improving their self-understanding and self-esteem as well as enhancing their knowledge of and skills in emotional management, social relationships and communications, and leadership, so that they can be more competent and confident in handling personal and interpersonal issues in their internships; 2. increasing students’ understanding on their personal values, strengths, and interests in terms of career and professional development; 3. promoting self-directed learning in students through developing and adopting a self-learning kit; and 4. increasing the awareness of internship supervisors on supporting the personal and psychosocial development of students. The self-learning kit was innovative since it was the first and only self-paced learning material which could facilitate the development of students’ competencies in resolving personal and interpersonal challenges, thus enhancing their learning in internships. With the use of the self-learning kit, students are encouraged to monitor, manage, and reflect on their own learning. We will look into developing an electronic self-learning kit so more students can be reached, and longitudinal study would thus be possible as well.