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Cluster Based Secure Data Transmission Over Homogeneous Environment in WSN.

The objective of this paper is to focus on secure and efficient routing over wireless sensor networks which comprises of a number of spatially dispersed autonomous nodes interfaced with sensors. From health to defense, WSN�s play a vital role in monitoring physical and environmental conditions. Since these nodes are often deployed in hostile environments, they are vulnerable to various attacks urging to the need of more secure and sophisticated mechanism to tackle these threats. In this paper Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme (EECS) is deployed to enhance efficiency over a cluster based multipath routing environment and improvise security which is a prime concern of WSN. We have focused to provide a feasible but not optimal solution to selective forwarding attack through Elgamal public key cryptosystem. First we choose a cluster head based on few parameters considering their energy level and distance that a node has to the base station and second, depending on the scalability of the node, public key encryption (PKC) scheme is used to provide an elucidation to the selective forwarding attack over WSN. Keywords- Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme, Elgamal Public key Cryptosystems, Public Key Encryption.