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The Ability of Prospective Elementary School Teachers in Making Lyric Containing National Character

Making lyric containing national character is a fundamental requirement for prospective elementary school teachers in Indonesia. Without the music applications’ assistance, students would face difficulties in making lyrics. This paper aims at analyzing the ability of students in making lyrics containing national character with the assistance of MuseScore music application. The method used was content analysis using computer media. The data were collected through surveys and collections of the midi files containing songs’ melody, the lyrics of which were written afterward by students. Sixty-six students from the primary school teacher education program were taken as the samples. The results showed that the majority of students already had a good ability to choose diction in the lyrics of the song and to write the lyrics that match the designated theme. However, students in general did not have adequate ability in making the lyrics of songs that matched the melodic phrase of the song. Keywords - Student Ability, Creating Song Lyrics, Music Notation Software, National Character Theme.