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Entrepreneurship And Sustainable Management Of Natural Resourches In The Area Of Elliniko In Attica Region

The present works refers to the development of entrepreneurship combined with the sustainable protection of the environment in Elliniko area in the region of Attica in Greece. The area of Elliniko, due to the considerable climatic conditions and location, was chosen for the installation of the former airport of the capital of Greece. However, the relocation of the airport in Spata area has resulted to a declining economy in spite of the new Olympic projects that took place in the area in order to serve the 2004 Olympic Games.Thus, the survey focuses on the problems of entrepreneurship and environmental protection that area of Elliniko is facing and the possibilities to exploit of the vast area of the former airport. For the completion of the survey, a method of personal interviews with municipal officials took place whereas a research in situ to identify the problems. The plans of the land uses have used for the development of the area and the protection of the environment. In addition, policies and directives of the European Union aimed at upgrading and reconstructing urban areas have been taken into account.The survey showed that the coastal urban area of Elliniko needs substantial interventions to enhance its entrepreneurial and natural resources. Moreover, there is a great potential developing for the area by exploiting the vast open area of the former airport. Keywords - Entrepreneurship, sustainable management of natural resources, area of Elliniko.