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Technology Management: Technological Advancement For Co-Creation Of Value With Customers

Social commerce is a new concept in consumer activity which has emerged through the phenomenon of social media. Social commerce platform tends to create an environment where consumers can interact with users and marketer. Also, it has been portrayed as a means of managing brands for businesses. This research explores the relationships among social interaction, social support, relationship quality, and consumers' intention to co-create brand value with applying social support and relationship marketing theories. Empirical data were collected from a social networking website in China. The results demonstrate that social commerce interactions, specifically, user perspective and marketer perspective, positively affect social support and in turn, intention to co-create brand value. Social support positively affects relationship quality. This study provides new insights by proposing a model of co-create brand through social commerce interactions. Keywords - Social commerce; co-create brand value; social interaction; social support; relationship quality.