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Impact on Supporting Measures for Foreign Workers in the ASEAN Community of Thailand

This research is aim at to study the impact of the supporting measures for foreign workers in the ASEAN Community of Thailand. The result as follow: 1. In ASEAN countries, there are large numbers of unskilled labors; hence, even allowing workers with mobility skills will not have much impact on the economy because there are limited numbers, different rules and standards are not the same between countries. If you look at the future trends, labor mobility does not seem to be limited to skilled workers because the shortage of labor seems to be intensifying. The major factor that led to this trend was demographic change. Even it happens slowly, but there is a clear direction which is Thailand and many countries in ASEAN, especially countries that provide the higher incomes such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. These countries are entering into the aging society, so labor force becomes more limited in numbers. 2. The operation in Thailand has encountered a number of operational difficulties. First, it is the implementation of nationality verification. At present, about 2 million migrant workers are registered, but there are about 8,000 migrant workers who cannot prove their nationality by the time of the respited. This would result in the workers being unlawfully employed. However, employers and entrepreneurs still need to employ them. Returning workers to their country of origin in accordance with legal measures may have a negative impact on the shortage of workers in the country. 3. Members in different countries are competing in various forms of development. When such a case occurs, labor demand is an important part to seek to promote the mechanism of production. As a result, members in ASEAN countries have increased demand for labor, so it leads to a labor dispute among member countries due to the agreement to lessen the labor movement. Therefore, the labor will move to the countries that provide higher wages. Index Terms - ASEAN, Foreign, Impact, Worker.