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The Effect of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to Development of Villagers in Urban Community

This research was study the effect of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to develop villager in urban community. This is a quantitative research and the questionnaires were used as a tool for data collecting. The statistics used in the data analysis were percentage value, median value and interquartile range. The sample group is the 100 people living in urban community. The results showed as follow; There are 5 conditions in Sufficiency Economy Philosophy that effected to develop villager namely, the modesty, rationality, immunity, knowledge and morality. All of 5 conditions effected to develop the quality of life of villager in urban community for long term. The implement the concept of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to be applied in the development of the community according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy can be efficiency and sustainability. Index Terms - Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, Sustainable, Urban Community, Villagers.