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Marketing Strategy Management and Development of OTOP Products SMEs Business: to Compete in the ASEAN of the Community Enterprises in Chumphon Province, Thailand

This paper presents the management of marketing strategies and the development of OTOP product SMEs business. To compete in the ASEAN of the community enterprises group in case study Chumphon province, in Thailand. The objective of this study was to investigate the market conditions and develop an OTOP competition strategy. Qualitative research was used in this study. The research paper instrument, in-depth interview from entrepreneurs, was used to collect the data which were analyzed by using PRIMO-F model in the part of the context within an organization. PEST analysis, and SWOT analysis were used in the external environment of SMEs business. TOWS matrix technique was used in the operation of market strategic business planning, was used in data determining a measure with the success of the implementation of strategies. The population for this research was 495 sample entrepreneurs of OTOP. Data were collected by using questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were used in analysis were percentage and weighted score. The research results found that strategic marketing mix 4Ps management: such as product, place, promotion and price, respectively. The strategic marketing of OTOP products management in SMEs had positive effect on competitive advantage in changing economy of the community products for SMEs business in Chumphon province, Thailand. Index Terms - Marketing strategy, promotion, management, SMEs business, OTOP products