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Hurdles in Effective E-Governance for Bottom of Pyramid

E-Governance is considered as a high priority agenda in India, as it is considered to be the only means of taking Information & Communication Technology (ICT ) to around 800 million “Aam Aadmi” who are at the bottom of the pyramid. E-Governance provides opportunities to harness the power of ICT to make the government transparent, value for money, qualitatively responsive, and truly encompassing. Standard practices & trends for effective implementation of E-governance were highlighted in the paper. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate vital E-Governance aspects viz core concepts, implementation and hindrance to target achievement. In a country like India who is characterized by diversities such as digital divide, language, geography & religion, issues and challenges for E-Governance projects were also highlighted. Keywords- Software Engineering Management, E-Governance, Digital divide,