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A Repositioning Method of C-Arm using Motion Capture on the Virtual Reality Platform

Currently, the C-Arm X-ray system (C-Arm) is a manually (or partially automated) maneuvered device used to take medical images such as MRI and X-rays during surgery in the operation room. The primary goal of this research is to identify and test a framework for facilitating the repositioning of the C-Arm without hardware modification in an operating room. This will be accomplished by enhancing a data acquisition process using the Vicon motion capture system (Vicon) and virtual reality (VR)-based platforms, as well as improving the repositioning process in C-Arm using image matching techniques such as automatic target acquisition (ATA). Using MATLAB/Simulink the C-Arm will have the ability to acquire data acquisition as well as signal processing to adjust each component of the C-Arm. Index Terms - Automatic Target Acquisition,MATLAB/Simulink,Vicon Motion Capture, Virtual Reality Based Platforms