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A Micro PV/Wind Hybrid Based Smart Energy Management System

Along with the widespread use of renewable energy systems, grid integration with the sources such as wind, photovoltaic(PV) is becoming a matter of importance in micro grids.Micro grids can be installed where energy is needed. In this research, a smart grid system has been constituted in the sample micro level.The system consist from PV panels, wind turbine, charge regulators, battery, microcontroller system, and grid system. Energy demand of the load group is provided from the wind and PV based hybrid micro grid.The electrical information taken from the PV and wind turbine device with the voltage divider and current sensor is transferred to the microcontroller system.The load electrical energy requirement is primarily provided by the PV / Wind energy conversion, then by the battery and by the network in the last stage, all of the cases have been managed by the proposed control algorithm.Also, the excess energy generated by the PV/Wind hybrid system is transferred to the grid.As a result, the usage of PV/Wind hybrid energy conversion system has been increased at the highest level to supply benefit and the unit cost of energy is reduced. Keywords - PV, Wind, Hybrid System, Smart Grid, Energy Management.