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3D Visualisation And Quantification Of Brain On Magnetic Resonance Images

With the development of computer image processing technology, three-dimensional (3D) visualization has become an important method of the medical diagnose, it offers abundant and accurate information for medical experts. The brain MR images have unique characteristics, i.e., very complicated changes of the gray-scales and highly irregular boundaries. This paper describes the use of Matlab in three-dimensional reconstruction of human brain MR images. The programme that was designed enables observing di-sections of the gained 3D structure along three axes. Many reconstruction algorithms need to establish the topological relationship between the slices of images. The results of these traditional approaches vary depending on the number of input sections, their positions, the shape of the original body and the applied interpolation technique. These make the task tedious and time-consuming. Keywords- 3D-Recnstruction; Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); Interpolation; Matlab