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Study Adsorption: Immobilized Dithizone on Nickel Slag for Adsorption Cd(II) Ion from Aqueous Solution

This study focuses on the utilization of nickel processing solid wastes called nickel slags as adsorbents for heavy metal adsorption in waters. The nickel slag has been successful modified by activation with HCl (AS) and immobilized with dithizone in an organic solvent (DIS). Study of adsorption of Cadmium was tested with several variables. The results showed that maximum adsorption of cadmium ion at pH 7, optimum mass of AS for cadmium adsorption was 0.2 g and DIS was 0.25 g. Kinetics adsorption for cadmium ions follows a pseudo second order kinetics with optimum adsorption contact time respectively 30 min and 60 min for AS and DIS. Isotherms adsorption for Cd ion follow the Langmuir isotherms with chemisorption process and optimum concentration of Cd ion adsorption of 20 mg L-1 and 30 mg L-1 for AS and DIS respectively. Keywords - Nickel Slag, Adsorption, Dithizone