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Remote Sensing In Laboratory Diagnostics Of Reinforced Concrete Elements Current Development And Vision For The Future

Continuous emergence of new concrete types and kinds of reinforcement, as well as technological solutions in the field of structural engineering have made great demand for diagnostic tests of reinforced concrete elements. New challenges and problems facing people require new more efficient tools for laboratory diagnostics than those commonly used. Remote sensing may be the answer to this demand. In this paper the author describes how to use terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry for laboratory diagnostics of reinforced concrete elements and also presented a vision of how diagnostics of reinforced concrete elements may look like in the future. Suitability analysis of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and photogrammetry for the diagnostics of reinforced concrete elements was carried out as a part of research conducted at Gdańsk University of Technology. Index Terms Beam, Cracks, Deformation Measurement, Photogrammetry, Reinforced Concrete, Terrestrial Laser Scanning