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A Survey Management of Wat Bowonniwet Vihara Rajavaravihara Temple in order to promote the Tourism Place

This paper is aim to survey and investigate of the areas that for development of tourism place of Thai temple eventually to survey and promoting tourism of WatBowonniwetViharaRajavaravihara. This research is divided in to 1 part which the first part is the part of quantitative research (respondents 10 research interviews) in order to explore and investigate of the development of tourism place of WatBowonniwetViharaRajavaravihara. The research method was separated in to 5 parts as 1. Research study and collect the data. 2. To study in the field of tourism of Thai temple 3. To develop a tourism place of Thai temple 4. To process the developing of led to develop in order to promote the tourism place for WatBowonniwetViharaRajavaravihara. However, the result is answered that a Thai temple is able to develop for Tourism place. In additional, the temple must focus on the management such as staffing, internal and external analysis, marketing and promotion. Keywords - Thai temple, tourism, management, WatBowonniwetViharaRajavaravihara temple