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Accounting Harmonization Between Uniformity and Diversity

The internationalization of economy as a result of business globalization and the ongoing development of international cooperation have led to the globalization of financial markets, which has forced the convergence of accounting systems and implicitly generated a universal accounting language. The process of globalization has a significant impact on accounting diversity that tends to diminish, leaving room for uniformity in terms of respecting the cultural, ethical and traditional values of each state. Current accounting regulations at international level are aimed at harmonization, convergence and compliance. The need for harmonization and uniformity in accounting implies the establishment of norms and rules, i.e. the normalization of it. Therefore, objectives, concepts, rules, methods and procedures for obtaining and using financial-accounting information are set and regulated. In this context, the relationship between uniformity and diversity in the international accounting harmonization process needs to be carefully considered, it is necessary to know the opinion of specialists about their perception of the impact of accounting harmonization on uniformity and diversity Diversity in itself must not encourage resistance to change; the process of harmonization once started will certainly continue, and it is necessary to understand what will be preserved from what we call accounting diversity and how will accounting reasoning, alternative accounting treatments or creativity specific to the accounting profession adapt to the new conditions. Index Terms - Accounting harmonization, accounting normalization, diversity, international accounting standards, uniformity.