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A Study Of The Performance Of A Cross Flow Wet Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are heat rejection devices widely used in the industry due to the growing need to cool process water coming out of a condenser instead of replacing it by cool water from the environment. The development of renewable energy is subject of many research and has not been exploited well enough, but increasing the performance of the existent plants is also be a way to save energy and resources .The range of cooling that occurs in a cooling tower impacts importantly on the overall COP (coefficient of performance) and overall performance of a plant, therefor the sizing and selection of this device is of great importance.Therefor it is important to find a correlation that links its performance in terms of effectiveness and its size or Number of transfer units (NTU) in terms of the fill volume needed. The complexity in this case comes from the variation in the two dimensions hence finding an approximate solution that can be solved as a one dimension problem may be an approximate solution to whether size the tower or perform a rating on a device already in service.A final, one-dimensional correlation is found relating the known parameters involved in the performance of a cooling tower allowing the industry to size or rate the tower. A numerical study is performed by solving differential equations in the two dimensions and deriving an equation to reach a final correlation is made. Validation will be made using previously tabulated experimental results to conclude. Keywords: Cross flow, cooling tower, effectiveness, Merkel number, number of transfer units.