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Practical Problems in The Field of Consumer Contract

Consumers are concluding numerous types of contracts for the supply of goods or services in their everyday lives. In several cases these contracts are containing terms which are more favorable to merchant but are unfair with the consumers. Since, consumers became a vulnerable group against the terms and conditions of contracts. In this article the practical problems in the field of consumer contracts will be presented through legal cases. The relevance of this topic is that some of the Hungarian requests for preliminary ruling are in connection with unfair terms. The main question is whether the requirement of plain intelligible language can be extended to such a degree as to include the specific clauses which banks use for example when signing a loan agreement? Firstly, the main findings of the behavioral economics will be examined. Then an outlook will be introduced on the practice of the Court of Justice of the European Union. Moreover, case studies will be analyzed, too. Finally, a question will be answered regarding the protection of the regulation for the consumer. Index Terms— contract law, consumer protection, regulation