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Adoption of E-Freight In Collaborative E-Cargo Eco System in Portugal

This paper describesapilot business case at the Port of Leixões, within a project named e-IMPACT, co-founded in the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and aiming at fostering an implementation action of e-Freight. The objective of the business case is to establish a collaborative e-Cargo system that enables proper ICT integration at two levels: organizational (all parties in the logistics supply chain around the Port of Leixões) and technological (through electronic multimodal logistic services supported by a connectivity infrastructure developed over CEF e-Delivery building block). The collaborative e-Cargo system supports description of logistics services in a catalogue, search for logistics solutions, booking and facilitatesthe exchange of planning and execution management information between all parties involved despite the fact that their corresponding legacy systems do not exchange information directly. The paper details how the pilot objectives were achieved. Keywords - Ee-Freight, TEN-T, logistics, transport, eDelivery, digital services, Maritime, Road, Rail and Inland Waterway Transport.