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A Decision-Making Model for Evaluating and Selecting Suppliers for The Sustainable Operation and Development of Enterprises in The Aerospace Industry

Due to rigorous quality requirements and high unit price, the manufacture of machines used in the aerospace industry is characterized by a high entry threshold, high risk, and a long payback period. A good decision-making model for evaluating and selecting suppliers is vital for sustainable enterprise development. Therefore, this paper presents a new two-stage model for evaluating and selecting suppliers in the aerospace industry. In the first stage, a hierarchical structure with five main and 16 sub-criteria for supplier evaluation and selection is built following the modified Delphi method; and in the second stage, the best alternative solution is selected following the analytic network process (ANP) method. Finally, this paper verifies the feasibility of the above model based on the purchase of high-precision and high-cost 3D measuring tools by Aerowin Technology Corporation ("Aerowin" for short), which is listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The results show that the five criteria in the above model are ranked by their degree of importance, as follows: quality > cost > delivery > marketing > organizational planning. The findings of this research can be used as references for decision-making during the purchase of high-precision and high-priced machine tools in the aerospace industry. Keywords - Aerospace industry, sustainable operation of enterprises, supplier evaluation and selection, modified Delphi method, analytic network process