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A New Ranking Approach For Decision-Making Problems Based on Intuitionistic Multiplicative Preference Relations

The development of approaches to solve decision-making problems in an uncertain environment is important in the real world. Two critical phases, namely evaluations and ranking processes, are included in those approaches. For evaluations, fuzzy preference relations are usually used to express preferences over alternatives towards attributes, when linguistic terms are adopted in the evaluations. This study considers a particular fuzzy preference relation, i.e., Intuitionistic multiplicative preference relation (IMPR), for evaluations. We then focus on the development of ranking approaches of IMPRs, since the relevant studies are fewer and some weaknesses are existed. The preference information included in IMPRs contains three parts: preferred, not preferred and hesitation information. By using dual bipolar measures, we develop the new score function and accuracy function of IMPRs based on four relative comparison functions. Considering the neutral attitude of a decision maker in the proposed functions, this study proposes the new ranking processes of IMPRs. The applicability and advantages are demonstrated via the comparisons with the existing approaches. Keywords - Decision making, Intuitionistic multiplicative preference relations, Ranking, Dual bipolar measures.