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Examination of the Contemporary Turkısh Dıalects and Lıteratures Department’s Student’s Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Turkish Dialects and Literatures (Part İ. Example of the Kazakh Language)

There are lots of factors on the university students’ satisfaction of the departments that they attend. Moreover, attitudes and behaviors that students adopt depending on their education are important for providing more affective education in terms of both students and academics. Through examining the attitudes and behaviors of the students studying at the Department of Modern Turkish Dialects and Literatures in Turkey towards Turkish Dialects and Literatures, the department students’ level of readiness and the department’s level of realizing its goals were revealed in the current study. As a result of the present study, it is thought to provide contribution to curriculum formation and development of a proper teaching method by detecting how much the provided courses serve the aims of the department. Moreover, it is considered that the identification of the Turkish World language and literature policies will get easier with the help of the outcomes obtained from the study. In the scope of the current study, the required data were collected through a questionnaire from the students of the Departments of Modern Turkish Dialects and Literatures in Afyon Kocatepe, Pamukkale, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman, Uşak, and Hacı Bektaş Veli Universities and analyzed through multivariate statistical analysis techniques by taking attitudes and behaviors of the students and their demographic properties into consideration. In the study, the students’ attitudes and behaviors were modelled in addition to the descriptive statistics by benefiting from SPSS and LISREL packet programs in order to carry out statistical analyses. The obtained results were demonstrated in the related Tables and Figures. Keywords - Modern Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Student attitude and behavior, Statistical analysis