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Smart Control of Photo Voltaic System With Priority Based Load Scheduling

Solar energy is one of the recent renewable energy technology, used widely. Power derived from Photo-Voltaic (PV) mainly depends on the environmental conditions, irradiance and temperature. Some of the loads connected with PV energy may be considered critical and important, like electrical load of intensive care unit of a hospital. This paper proposes a smart control architecture to distribute the available energy to loads assigned with priority level. Most important load is assigned with highest priority level, similarly other loads are also assigned with appropriate levels. Loads are connected with the source through controlled switches. According to the available energy, control signals are generated to connect different loads. Efficiency of the proposed architecture is validated through simulations results and demonstrated with the prototype developed for smart PV system. PV system includes battery for energy storage, fan and led lamp. Hardware consists of battery charge control, DC-DC converter, Switches and Control circuit. Keywords - Battery, irradiance, photo-voltaic system,solar energy, Load scheduling.