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Factors Influencing The Use Of Healthcare Information System Among Healthcare Practioners In A Malaysian Private Hospital

Consistent with the advanced development in Information and Computer Technology, the use of healthcare information system (HIS) has become common in almost all hospitals worldwide. However, problems related to resistant to the use of the health information system (HIS) among healthcare practitioners are still prevalent. Hence, there is a need to understand the factors that influence healthcare practitioners in using the system. This study aims to provide an understanding of the factors influencing the use of HIS among medical practitioners in a Malaysian private hospital. Framed within the socio-technical perspectives, this study attempted to understand the users, technology, personal, work practice, organization and patients that hinder or facilitate the use of healthcare information system. It provides a different perspective of understanding the factors that influence the use of healthcare information technology, which is commonly perceived as independent from each other. Seven healthcare practitioners, consisting of doctors, nurses, a medical technician and an IT manager were interviewed and data were analyzed qualitatively. It was found that the users, technology, work practices and organizational management play a significant role in influencing the ways healthcare information system used. These factors tend to interact and influence each other as they shape the ways in which the healthcare information system is use, leading to fully utilization or underutilization of the system. This study demonstrates that the implementation of HIS is a complex process and the factors influencing the use of technology need to be viewed as interacting and influencing each other. Keywords- Factors Influencing Usage, Healthcare Information System, Socio-technical Approach.