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An Experimental Study On The Performance Ofmanufactured Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Developing aerial technologies allows researchers to find better solutions for the flying performance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). In addition to this, renewable energy technologies are getting more convenient day-by-day. Among renewables, solar power is generally the best way to produce clean and sustainable energy. In this experimental study, an UAV is developed by supplying from materials available in the marketplace. This quadcopter UAV has a GPS unit, Arduino microcontroller circuit with gyro-magnetic sensors, four motors with drivers, four propellers and one RF receiver with remote controller. In this paper, it is aimed to see the effect of directly connected PV (Photovoltaic) module to the battery system of the vehicle on its performance. Performance tests are realized with and without the PV module. Statistical analysis is performed with the voltage values from the experiments. Finally, the results are illustrated, compared and disccussed. Keywords: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Solar, PV, Charging, Statistical Analysis