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Community Welfare Network Management by Community Organization Networks in Bann-Ladyasai Village, Huay Kwang Subdistrict, Kampangsan District, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

The objectives of this research were; to study the area context of Bann-Ladyasai village; to study the community welfare network management by community organization networks in Bann-Ladyasai village; and to study a coherence of community organization networks of both inside and outside villages in Huay Kwang subdistrict, Kampangsan District, Nakhon Pathom. The research methodology is the qualitative research which the researchers employed an in-depth interview, self-embedment in the community and focus group discussion. The research founded that there were seven community organizations in the network which not only established by the government but also established by local people including; the first government establishing group composed of four community organizations such one million funds group, one hundred thousand funds group, SML (Small-Medium-Large) funds group, women roles development group and public health volunteers group and the second local group establishing group composed of farmers group; saving for development group; and morality in life cycle group. All community organizations operated connectively for providing community welfare to local people. They performed by both formal and informal committees who nominated by members of each group. In addition, they expanded the community welfare through outside community welfare network in order to raise up local people’s quality of life and strengthen community networks in the area. Index Terms - Community Welfare, Community Organization, Community Organization Network, Welfare Management