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Improving Public Health Through Social Empowerment And Utilization Of Medicinal Plants Or “Toga” (Taman Obat Keluarga)” In Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Page(s): 15-17  
Author Desi kurniati, Maya Najihatul Ula, Retno Vatika P., Riska Dwi Pramita Sari, Rizky puspa dewi  
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WRL Cited By- 23
Exploring Family Functioning in A Collectivist Society: A Qualitative Stud
Page(s): 6-11  
Author Melati Sumari, Nor Hasniah Ibrahim, Dini Farhana Baharudin, Norfaezah Md Khalid, Aizan Ali, Md Zin  
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WRL Cited By- 10

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