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Modelling Of The Impact Of National Strategic Tourism Destinations On The Growth Of The Tourism In Indonesia

Indonesia as the biggest archipelago country has great potensial in tourism. However, the number of tourists who visit Indonesia is still lower than the number of the tourists in Singapore. Now, Indonesian government has a plan to develop National Strategic Tourism destinations to increase number of tourists. A mathematical model of tourism to study the impact of developing the National Strategic Tourism destinations is contructed using the system of differential equation. The variables defined in this model are the number of tourists, rooms, and National Strategic Tourism destinations. In the absence of dissatisfaction effect due to the growing crowd of tourists, the results show eight equilibrium poinsts of the system. But only one stable positive real equlibrium point. Our analysis and simulation results show that maximazing number of tourists who visit National Strategic Areas will quicken the growth of tourists in Indonesia. Keywords- Indonesia, Tourism, National Strategic Tourism destinations, System of Differential Equation