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Development Of A Localization Mapping For Cleaning Robot Using Rssiwireless Routers

Cleanliness is one of the important things in human life and one of the conditions of healthy living. Along with the development science and technology, robot is used for solving problems. Various cleaning robots are created for example a vacuumrobot and a sweeping robot and so on. Although many cleaning robots had been created, some of them are not been able to locate whether the robot has taken the cleaning path. This poses a problem where there is a floor that had not been clean by the robot. Therefore, to improve cleaning, author took the initiative of using wireless internet RSSI for a beacon for locating the robot. The proposed is to detect the distance between each beacon and becomes a coordinate for the robot to reach the maximum cleanliness of the room. Index Terms- Wireless Internet, RSSI, Cleaning Robot, Raspberry pi, Internet of Things.