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The Analysis of Physical Fitness to the Ability of Playing Volleyball in Junior High School Student

Physical fitness is the condition reached by any individual who do the exercise to achieve a certain level of physical fitness so that one is ableto performthe tasks everyday with a high level of efficiency and productivity on daily basis. Physical fitness does not only involve the physical realm, but also mental, social, emotionalrealm.With thehigh quality ofphysical fitness, it can supportand increase thelevel of other daily activities.The most dominant research problemis with the level of physical fitness and the ability to play volleyball, the researcheris able to know and measure howfar the students' ability in playing volleyball, in accordance with the terms and condition of each junior high school. The method used in this research is experimental method. The purpose of the study is to investigate the students'physical fitnessin doing sportsbyplaying volleyball at schoolsince one'sphysical fitnessgreatly supports oneself in performing basic technical skills of playing Volleyball. Keywords - Physical fitness, playing volleyball, fitness exercise, junior high school introduction