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Civil Service Development Discipline on the Office Land in Makassar City

The weak of awareness employees to tasks assigned by leader and often no right time come and return offices are on impact on queue for take care of letters oil them. Aim of study to describe the coaching discipline employees country civil on office land city of Makassar. This research is quantitative research with explanative purpose, that is to explain causal correlation variable of Civil Service Discipline Development on the office land city of Makassar. For measure variable in this research, the nusedqoesioner. The results showed that the discipline on the Land Office of Makassar City is very good category.This gives an indication that the Head of Makassar Land Office has managed to build its employees.The implications of this research in order to estab target discipline employees the Land Office fixed in Makassar maintained or more improved again . Keywords - Coaching , Discipline Time , Discipline Wor