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Traditional Ceremony of Mappadendang in Soppeng District

This research aims to find out the ritual process meaning and also value which is contained in traditional ceremony of Mappadendang. This cultural research used descriptive qualitative research method. The used data collection techniques were observation, interview, and documentation. From the results of research indicated that mappadendang traditional ceremony held once in a year when the harvest season and the begining of the dry season. Mappadendang traditional ceremony performed by nine people consisting of 6 women and 3 men, performed in the baruga’s chamber, mortar and pestle which wearing traditional cloth. The women who acted in the baruga’s chamber is called pakkindona. Then the man who danced and sowed the rice at the end of the mortar is called pakkambona. The traditional ceremony of mappadendang means a form of gratitude for the abundant harvest. The contained values in Mappadendang traditional ceremony include social values, religious values and cultural values. Keywords - Mappadendang, Traditional Ceremony