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Creating the Optimum Panel Inclination Angles of the Southern Aegean Region

Values that are used in solar energy applications are usually calculated by data for radiation reaching a horizontal plane. In order to achieve maximum efficiency in solar energy, panels must be at a suitable angle and position. This study determined monthly optimum panel angles for the Southern Aegean Region (Muğla) in Turkey and created three different correlations. In an annual course (January-December), panel angles varied in the order of 590, 490, 380, 200, 50, 00, 00, 150, 320, 490, 590 and 610. The average annual panel inclination angle was 32.250, and in the case of changing the angles monthly, the annual efficiency increased by 17.03% in comparison to horizontal position and reached the average annual radiation value of 5949 W/m2-year. The best estimation model developed for the region was in the form of 〖β 〗_(OPT.)= 0,0002(δ)^3- 0,0092(δ)^2 - 1,4379(δ)+ 34,72. The statistical analysis values were R2 (0.9973), MBE (0.0031), RMSE (1.22) and t-sat (0.0085), while they successfully corresponded to the panel inclination values. Index Terms - PV, Tilt Angle, South Aegean, Correlations