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A Comprehensive Model of Knowledge Management Audit based on Systematic Review in 7 Stages

Incomplete or incomprehensive execution of the knowledge management audit has caused many knowledge management programs to fail. We need to understand the fact that managing organizational knowledge recourses is as important as managing conventional organization resources. Knowledge management is a method, which aims to help organizations to effectively use knowledge. A study was undertaken to investigate how knowledge management audits are performed systematically in organizations and present a comprehensive model for performing knowledge management audits based on a systematic review in 7 stage. Though there are knowledge audit models proposed in the past by other researches, these models still have many drawbacks. This paper aims to address these drawbacks by proposing a 7-stage Knowledge Audit Model; derived from a comparative study on knowledge audit methodologies. These 7 stages are centered on systematic review and integrates the development of appropriate knowledge management strategies. The practical implementation of this knowledge audit model for knowledge auditing allows for the investigation and analysis of the current knowledge environment and desirable knowledge management. Keywords - Knowledge Management, Auditing, Comprehensive Knowledge Audit, Systematic Review, 7-Stage Knowledge Audit.