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Self-Determination Theory in the Context of Rewards Management: Review Section

Random implementation of motivational programs, without identification of the needs of employees, rewards systems for that matter, may result in undue wastage of the organizational resources. This article is written particularly to review the motivational theory particularly the self-determination theory, which takes care of the internal conflicts within an individual for what he/she value more and what less. Compensation is one of the Human Resource Management practices, which are considered vital for the success of an organization, in the light of the social exchange theory, wherein it is postulated that employees perform and put their efforts as reciprocations of what they receive from the organization. In addition to that some mini theories are also considered in this article, which are the underpinning theories for the development of the self-determination theory. The article further compared some of the rewards systems which may conform to the self-determination theory. Lastly, future research implication are put forth, by challenging the universality of the theories developed in one part of the world to the rest of the world, for that matter, the theory of self-determination (motivational theory developed in rest) and its application in the other part of the world, i.e., Pakistan.