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Check Ko Bayad Ko: A Web Based Application For Tracking Student Financial Transaction With Sms Scheduled Notification Using Cron Job

In any school business, the financial transaction is vital because it is the fuel of the institution for giving quality education and services to their stakeholders. Unfortunately, the school experienced delayed payments due to the discrepancies of their financial data. In this study, the researchers introduced a we b-based application that would track students’ financial transaction and received a scheduled SMS notification for the students and parents of the Jose Maria College. The researchers used the Constructive Method and Iterative Process Model as a research and technical development methodologies. The researchers also used fuel PHP framework for the web-based application and Cron job that serves as a time-based job scheduler for sending scheduled SMS notification. For the testing the application, the White Box testing was used by the researchers to review the smaller chunk of the application and decide if it is discarded or kept as a starting point. In user acceptance testing, the black box testing was utilized to critique the functionalities of the application. Thirty-five(35) students, seven(7) parents, three (3)Program Heads, two (2) Deans of Colleges, one (1) School Administrators’ Secretary, one (1) Principal, one (1) Vice President for Academic Affairs, one (1) Cashier, and one (1) Accountant with a total of 52 respondents tested the web-based application and received scheduled SMS notification. Among the 52 respondents, 52 or 100% of the respondents commented that the application was very useful in the financial information. Index Terms- CheckKoBayadKo, Constructive Research, Cron Job, Financial Transaction