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Electronic Ride Height Control in Air Suspension Trailers

The suspension system is very important for road vehicles in terms of comfort and safety. Suspension elements and control strategies are constantly evolving.Heavy vehicle semi-trailers (class O4) with mechanically ride height supervision are continuously carried out along the way. Even when the ride height control is not required, the vehicle is exhausted from the airbags or the pressure is released.This causes compressor of the towing vehicle to operate continuously, which in turn causes towing vehicle to consume too much fuel. As an alternative to the suspension system currently used to reduce air consumption, an electronically controlled controller design and system analysis were performed. PID controller design has been designed for electronic ride height control in operation. Then the PID and PD controller performances are compared. In terms of air consumption, the PD-controlled system performed better. For this reason, sensitivity analysis of the PD-controlled system was used to investigate the effect of disturbing inputs As a result of the study, it has been determined that the electronically controlled system in terms of air consumption performs better than the results of the analysis studies made. Keywords - Electronic Suspension, Active Suspension, Electronic Controlled Air Suspension.