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New Aristolochic Acid and Other Chemical Constituents of Aristolochiamaurorum Growing Wild in Jordan

Investigation of the chemical constituents of Aristolochiamaurorum growing wild in Jordan resulted in the isolation and characterisation of one new compound in addition to 19 known compounds. The new compound was identified as aristolochic acid II alanine amide (14). The other known compounds were the following: palmitic acid, β-sitosterol, E-ethyl-p-coumarate, Z-ethyl-p-coumarate, aristolochic acid IV methyl ester, aristolactam I, loliolide, (+)-dehydrovomifoliol, glycerol-1-palmitate, aristolochic acid I, E-p-coumaric acid, E-N-coumaroyltyramine, β-sitosteryl glucoside, aristolochic acid IV, aristolochic acid III, esculetin, uracil, shepherdine and adenosine. The isolated compounds were characterised by different spectroscopic methods including NMR (1D and 2D), UV, IR and HRESIMS. Keywords - Aristolochiamaurorum; Aristolochiaceae; aristolochic acid II alanine amide