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Multiband Printed Monopole Antenna for Wi-Fi and Satellite Communication Applications

In this paper, a multiband monopole antenna oper-ating at three different frequencies is presented. The proposed antenna works at 2.2, 5.9, and 8.5 GHz. The size of the proposed antenna is 28*24*0.08 mm3. The main objective of this paper is to design an antenna which can operate at multiband frequencies. This antenna is designed on FR-4 substrate which has 0.8 mm thickness, its relative permittivity and loss tangent are 4.4 and 0.02 respectivily. The presented antenna is constructed in three steps. Step 1 consists of a square ring feed by simple microstrip line. A stub is inserted between the square ring and the feed line for impedance matching. In step 2, two changes are made. I-shaped strip and a slot are added inside the square ring. In step 3 another I-shaped strip is added. The proposed antenna with simple structure has three bands covering 2.1-2.2, 5.8-5.9 GHz (Wi-Fi) and 8.4-8.5 GHz (Satellite Communications) are achieved with bandwidths of 112.7 MHz, 55.6 MHz and 144 MHz having resonance frequencies 2.2, 5.9 and 8.5 GHz respectively.