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Asian Green Mussels (Perna Viridis) Sauce (Cooking Sauce) from Low Grade Asian Green Mussels for Community Enterprise

The objective of this study was to investigate the production of Asian green mussel sauce and sensory acceptance of consumers. The preliminary data survey revealed that the agriculturist brought the low grade Asian green mussels to be processed into dried mussels, pickled mussels. When low grade Asian green mussels were developed as a sauce, the results revealed that Asian green mussels sauce from extract of mussels (1:2w/v) to be heated at 80°C for 3 hours long has an acceptable rating for every feature but has to improve the smell and salty taste. The formulation was developed by reducing the amount of salt and adding the flavoring agents (herbs). Consumer test indicated that 94% accepted the product. Shelf life study of the product at 4-7 °C and room temperature showed that all samples could be kept for longer than 12 weeks. The mussel sauce can be used as a prototype for new product of the community enterprise. Keywords - Asian Green Mussels, Sauce, cooking sauce, Community Enterprise