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The Curry Paste Made From Fresh and Dried Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annuumlinn) Affect Consumer Acceptance

The purpose of this research is to1) Experiment on the production of dried chilies by processing red chili peppers to dry red chili.2) Experiment on the production of red curry paste from dried red chili. And produce green curry paste from green sweet chili.3) sensory test Red curry paste or red curry paste with dried chilli, dried red chilli and green curry paste Fresh chilli green By way of tasting to test consumer acceptance. The sample consisted ofHome economics student teacher and voluntary guests to take the test.By tasting 30 people.The statistics used in the study were mean (Mean)Use the overall satisfaction model of the sample. The red curry paste from dried red chilli and green curry from green sweet chili.And the data analysis is a comparison betweenTwo samples were used. Type 1: Red Curry Paste Mixed 25%, 50% and 75% of the red chili. The second type of curry paste is 25%, 50% and 75% of the fresh curry paste. One- way ANOVA). The overall acceptability of sampling samples of red curry paste and two green curry recipes were classified in 3 ratios: 25%, 50%, 75%It was found that the curry paste mixed with 3 levels of chili. The effect of the red curry on green curry and green curry.Experiment on production of red curry paste with dried chilli and green curry paste with fresh sweet pepperIt was found that good touch. There is thick curry. There is a smell of curry paste that tells the curry and green curry regular. Not spicy tasteThere are red curry colors and green curry that have a lush green color. Mostly agree that accept and like.Both curry chili at the level of chilli mixture at 75% The results were as follows: 1. The results of the research revealed that the majority of the samples were 20 females, or 66.66%, followed by males (33.33%). The age group is 21-30 years, the highest is 9 people, 30.0%, followed by the age group 15-20 years, 7.30%, 23.30% age group, 31-40 years old, 20.00% Of those, 5 people are 16.70% and 51% are older than 51 and 10%, respectively. 2. The results of the overall acceptance of two samples of curry paste by the ratio of 25%, 50%, 75% 2.1 Type 1 Red curry paste from dried sweet chilli, the mixture of dried chilli, soaked in water and blended in other curry paste. At the same rate of other ingredients, the mean score of acceptance of the tasters was statistically significantly different at .05 level. At the ratio of dried chilli, soaked in 75% water, the mean score of acceptance was highest (Mean = 4.13), followed by dry chilli (50%) (Mean = 3.60) Water at 25% (Mean = 3.33), respectively. 2.2. Type 2 showed that the rate of fresh green pepper mixture blended in other curries at the same rate of other ingredients had an effect on the average score of acceptance of different tasters. At the statistically significant level of 0.05, the fresh chilli mixture mixed with other curries at the ratio of 75% had the highest mean score (Mean = 4.23). Mix in other curries at a ratio of 50% (Mean = 3.60) and mix fresh green pepper mixed in other curds at a ratio of 25% (Mean = 3.50), respectively. 3. Result of sensory evaluation by taste Have comments and suggestions. Type 1: Red curry paste from sweet chilli. Most of the respondents think that the red curry must be very spicy, because the color of the red curry paste is dark red and the smell of other curries. Like the red curry paste. When touched by tasting, then. It was found that other fragrant curry. Indicates that the red curry in general. Type 2 Green curry paste found that most tests are thought to be very spicy. Because green curry is clear green. About the appearance, smell, taste and green, most commented that accept and like the smell of green curry paste with sweet pepper. And the opinion that accept and like in the green sweet. And most of them suggest adding more herbs and spices. As well as the comment that spicy green curry paste from sweet pepper. Can be applied to other foods such as green curry sauce. Keywords - Curry paste , Sweet pepper ,Spicy , Development of food processing Products, Consumer acceptance